Do you know a Senior PHP Engineer looking for a new job?

Melbourne, Flexible

We are not looking for programmers, we are looking for problem solvers.

We’re a scaling SaaS company with over 60 employees in Melbourne (HQ) and London. Our product suite is changing education by helping child care services and educators easily manage and automate all aspects of their operations, as well as by connecting parents with their children’s well-being and growth.

Can you refer a mate who are: able to explain complex programming concepts such as multi-threading, background execution, common architectural and design patterns, services, bluetooth, graphics rendering and custom animations.

hey will have had exposure to more complex UI creation and will be very comfortable working on detailed, non-ui features such as background queues.

They will be able to come up with edge cases and handle the outliers easily.

The person you refer should have

Good grasp of OOP fundamentals Obviously some solid experience with modern PHP (PHP 7+) Experience with modern MVC frameworks Experience with relational databases Experience with unit testing Some experience with DevOps(optional) Some experience with JavaScript and front-end development (Optional)

Why Xplor? We can tell your mate what it’s like On Board the Xplor Rocket Ship

Just let us know who to talk to.

Thanks for the referral help!

Know someone great for this job? $1000 Reward