Can you refer a DevSec Ops Engineer who wants to make our health care system work better?

Melbourne, $130- $140K Package

Got a mate who wants to help HotDoc improve the health system through good software?

Half of Australia’s GP clinics use HotDoc to interact and manage their care. They’re helping deliver a better experience for millions of patients when they visit their doctor.

Backed by Australia’s best VCs and growing fast, they have a chance to go further by developing products that could improve patient outcomes and help everyone in Australia better manage their health.

Know someone great who wants to be a part of it?

As a DevSec Ops Engineer your mate will be responsible for the smooth operation and defense in depth of the HotDoc infrastructure layer. They will the team’s go-to person for Kubernetes and AWS questions . The role is similar to a Site Reliability Engineer, with more focus on security infrastructure.

Do you know someone who has….

Experience administering Kubernetes: (your mate should be able to explain the role of an Admission Controller, recommend settings for a Pod Security Policy, and explain the role of a HPA.) Experience with AWS: (your mate should know CloudTrail from CloudWatch, and how to interpret VPC Flow Logs.) Knowledge of security concepts, and healthy paranoia. (they should know a WAF from an IDS from TLS)

Be great if your mate also had……

Experience with Terraform, Prometheus, Helm, and/or the ELK stack.

Some experience in web application programming. Ruby, Node or Elixir ideal

If your referral gets the job, you will be rewarded $4000 and your mate will have…

Regular work from home days tp save you time or help you focus.

Continuous learning. HotDoc will reimburse books, courses and conferences.

Work in a spacious roof-top terrace on the Yarra, and you’ll often find us out there enjoying the fresh air.

Subsidy for gym membership, personal training, or yoga.

A no-bullshit culture that values people who are empathetic and care about doing right by others.

Tell us about a mate you rate! Thanks!

Know someone great for this job? $4000 Reward