Delivery Lead referrals wanted for permanent consultancy role.

Melbourne, $120- $130K Package

base2Services delivers DevOps as a Service. SaaS and Start ups get a solution that is cutting edge, future proof and designed to scale on AWS.

We need a Delivery Lead for key work streams:

Can you refer a mate who can-

  1. Weekly project/improvement iterations – backlog planning, estimation in consultation with the engineers, internal/external expectation management and supporting the team in delivery tasks per a weekly cycle to the client base.

  2. Incident Management. Lead the support team during a critical Sev 1 or 2 event(s). The key purpose is to ensure the issue is escalated, resources allocated/working and maintain regular communications with the client.

Your referral should also have-

At least 5 years working experience within a similar style company Experienced in Agile and Lean development / delivery practices. Experience of delivery across multiple tasks/projects during the same weekly iteration. Interest in self learn about Cloud Technologies and how at base2 we approach, build and deliver DevOps as s Service Time focused skills , being able to understand/identify upstream/downstream impacts, and where possible mitigate against these. Excellent communication skills, both verbal and written. Able to breakdown technical deliverables/solutions to smaller/iterative deliverables.

If you think of someone is a match, please let us know. There is plenty of additional information to share about customer engagement and delivering world class AWS solutions.

Thanks for the help.

Know someone great for this job? $2000 Reward