Know a Customer Success Manager? Mix of remote and CBD office. $1000 reward!

Sydney, Flexible

Agyle Time is technology startup, with a workforce management product aimed at contact center environments.

The Agyle Time product is fully cloud based, developed as a series of micro-services and leveraging the AWS infrastructure and eco-system.

We are looking for a Customer Success Manager to develop and enhance our customers experience, assisting in building and developing our customer relationships through their entire journey.

If we hire the person you refer we will give you $1000 reward as a voucher or donation to charity in your name.

It’s a CBD based role but we are very flexible with working from home.

The ideal person is someone that is keen to get involved in a fabulous, small, and fast paced team environment. They will need to be prepared to dig in, and do what is required to ensure successful adoption of our product, and to ensure that our customers are happy.

Can you refer someone who can clearly communicate, and build strong relationships with our customers and partners.

Please refer someone who can

• Help to onboard new customers through discovery workshops, training, and business support through our onboarding process. • Develop new materials to assist in self-help, training, and enablement of our customers. • Do some pre-sales support in the form of product demonstrations. • Assist in ongoing customer support, through assisting in responding to queries, best practices, new feature walkthroughs, and customer touchpoints. • Input into the product development roadmap, including inputting ideas, feedback from customers, and assisting in validating releases prior to general release.

Permanent role and if we hire will reward $1000

Let us know who you know. Thanks!

Know someone great for this job? $1000 Reward